Line-up release Ghosttown - The Final Central Studios Edition

Line-up release Ghosttown - The Final Central Studios Edition

POSTED: 30-08-2021

Gabbers, it's been too quiet for too long now! So, today we decided to bring out our 'Final Central Studios' worthy line-up anyway. The hot line-up for this special edition of Ghosttown has been burning on our desk for too long now!

So here we go:

  • Ruffneck
  • Marc Acardipane
  • Frantic Freak (2 Hour Set)
  • Lady Dana
  • Darkraver
  • Panic
  • Jappo vs Lancinhouse
  • Shadowlands Terrorists (J.D.A. & Vince)
  • MD&A
  • G-Town Madness
  • Rob & MC Joe
  • Pavo
  • The Raver
  • The Resonant Squad
  • Bountyhunter
  • Yves
  • Stanton
  • Paralizer
  • Hellcreator
  • Fuckface
  • Armand
  • Hyperactive-D
  • MC Da Mouth Of Madness
  • MC Joe

You probably want to know in which of the three 100% Early Hardcore (Mainstage), Oldschool (Oldschool Gangsters) and even faster Early Hardcore (The Freak Room) areas of the good old Central Studios your favorite artist will be spinning? Just a little patience.. We will announce that on our way to Ghosttown - The Final Central Studios Edition!

By releasing this line-up, we as Dance 2 Eden want to show that we are optimistic about the future. We can't wait to see you all again in exactly 2 months, on Saturday the 30th of October 2021, to kick the dust from the old foundations of the Central Studios for the very last time!

Since ticket sales have been going on for a long time, you can understand that the majority of the tickets have already been sold. But the very last tickets for the very last Hardcore party ever in the Central Studios are now on sale for only € 29.50 (ex. fee) at! So don't be late, as we expect a run on the last available tickets..

Keep the Early vibe alive! 😎


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