Line-up release 30 years Dance 2 Eden

Line-up release 30 years Dance 2 Eden

POSTED: 15-02-2022

Gabbers! Today is the day! After nearly 2 partyless years, the Dutch government announces to let go of most of the freedom restricting measures.

So, let's go back to normal as fast as possible and celebrate 30 Years of Hardcore at '30 Years Dance 2 Eden' on Saturday the 30th of April 2022!

We couldn’t have picked a better moment to release our grand jubilee line-up. Of course it was impossible to invite all the countless Dance 2 Eden Hardcore heroes from the past 30 years to our anniversary, but we are convinced that we will throw a more than worthy anniversary party with this top selection of artists together with all of you.

Enjoy the list and pick your favourites!

  • Partyraiser (Exclusive Early Hardcore Set)
  • Promo
  • Marc Acardipane
  • Darkraver vs Gizmo
  • The Viper
  • Frantic Freak
  • Franky Jones
  • Scott Brown
  • DJ Rob & MC Joe
  • MD&A
  • Predator
  • Painbringer
  • The Raver
  • Bountyhunter 
  • Paralizer
  • Stanton
  • Lucien Foort
  • Dazzler
  • Putty vs Tec-9
  • Armand
  • Reza
  • Faniac vs Pdevil
  • Ricardo Moreno
  • MC Da Mouth Of Madness
  • MC Joe

Great list of legends, isn't it..?! πŸ’ͺ🀩

If you wanna know in which of the three 100% Early Hardcore (Mainstage), Oldschool/Early Rave (Oldschool Gangsters) and 185 BPM+ Early Hardcore (The Freak Room) areas of our trusted old Central Studios your favourite artists will be spinning for the very last time ever, just follow our channels the coming time..

Since a serious amount of tickets already have been sold during the Early Bird sale, you can imagine that sales will only accelerate after the announcement of this big line-up! So don't be too late and grab your tickets now for only € 30,- (ex. fee) at as long as it lasts..

Only 2.5 months and we will be united again on our holy ground for the final chapter in the Central Studios history.. We really can't wait to see you all again and rave like never before!

30 Years Dance 2 Eden
30 April 2022  15:00 - 24:00
Central Studios Utrecht


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